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Organic gardening
Links about organic gardening

Sustainable gardening
Help put something back by using biodegradable products and organic methods - just growing naturally. From growth comes growth, the natural endless cycle. Let's just help the cycle a bit, nature doesn't need chemicals or plastics - just for all of us to put back in just a little more than we take out. Visit

Grow your own medicine
Pick herbal medicine from your garden. Make herbs affordable. Be sure your herbal formulations are chemical- and additive-free.

Laura's Organics
We stock a large range of organic vegetable, herb and flower seeds. We also have biodegradable pots, green manures, biological pest control, hand tools and bird and wildlife care.

Organic Seeds-Depot
Seeds Depot offers high quality certified organic seeds with a guaranteed 90% germination rate. We offer a variety of Fresh Organic Seeds : Vegetable seeds, Fruit seeds, Herb seeds,Sprouts and more. In our site you will also find useful articles about Organic Gardening and Organic Products.

Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada
We are a charitable organization dedicated to the health and vitality of the earth through the preservation and promotion of heritage seeds.

Permaculture Design Courses
Common Circle Education offers permaculture design courses focused on community building.

NatureMill Automatic Indoor Compost Bin
NatureMill automatic indoor compost bin</a> offers a clean and easy way to compost food waste including meats and dairy, indoors or outdoors. NatureMill composters feature low-energy, automatic mixing, heat, aeration, and air filter to eliminate trash odors. Reduce trash, eliminate kitchen odors, and make your own rich organic compost fertilizer with NatureMill compost bins!

Beginner's Guide to growing Organic Flowers
Useful introduction to growing ornamental plants organically.

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