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General gardening
Links about gardening in general

Beginning Gardening Tips
Learn about the basics of fine gardening from setting up your own vegetable garden, to landscape gardening.

Growmanager - Greenhouse Control System
Growmanager is a Software which automates your greenhouse / growroom. Full climate and environmental control. Just watch your plants / flowers / vegetables grow.

Fruit Expert
Eat well and reduce your carbon footprint by growing fruit. We explain how to plant, grow and harvest your own.

Gardening Advice Online and Easy to Follow Gardening Articles
The Gardening Register provides an easy to follow, informative website covering all aspects of gardening and offering free online gardening advice

Exchanging home grown fruit and vegetables allows people growing fruit and vegetables to advertise their produce for free to customers in their local area. Consumers will be able to find what produce is currently available in their local area by using our innovative map.

Overall Landscaping Design
Find all the information you need to plan and design a beautiful garden for your landscape. Get info about DIY tips, tricks, landscaping design ideas and guidelines to help you create a garden that is perfect for your home.

Lawn Sprinklers Your #1 supplier for Sprinkler Parts - was started as a great and economical place for homeowners and contractors alike to find all of their irrigation needs.

Evergreen Soil Conservation and Hydroseeding New Zealand
Evergreen Soil Conservation Ltd is New Zealand\\\'s foremost hydroseeding re-vegetation co. Our hydroseeding services assist with soil dust suppression & we offer a straw mulch service for sediment control. Our erosion control mat (the Evergreen Bio Mat) is suitable for difficult sites & along with tractor grass seeding we also provide a native plant landscaping service.

Electronic Pest Repeller
Protect your home or workplace from pests with our electronic pest repeller.

Irrigation & Watering Systems
Watermatic Ltd install watering systems for garden irrigation, landscape irrigation and lawn irrigation.

Tomato Growing Tips
Tomato Growing Tips The ultimate guide to growing tomatoes at home.

Gardening Channel
Your home for gardening tips, advice and discussion. Offering a wealth of useful gardening advice, this site is well worth checking out!

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